Monthly Archives: January 2014

Anaheim 2 SX

Oh man last night was crazy. Thank you everyone for supporting me!!! To start off I qualified 24th in practice. Then the first heat wasn’t so good I got tangled up with a few riders on the first lap. Had to go to the Lcq. The. In the Lcq I got a good start and was in the lead by the second corner!! Rode a solid race and took the Win and made it to the main! My teammate Connor Elliot got fourth in the Lcq and also made the main!!

The main event was awesome!!! I got a fourth place start from the very inside!!! I was running well until I started having troubles breathing from my crash last weekend. I ended up 16th. I’m so happy to be in the main event where I should be!!

I had a rough week. I wasn’t even sure if I could race this weekend. Being so extremely sore from my crash in Phoenix. My wrist and chest are the worst but continue to get better daily. I can’t wait for Oakland!!!

Phoenix SX

So Phoenix didn’t go so well. I struggled a little bit in second qualifying practice and ended up qualifying in 32nd. In my heat race I got an ok start and made my way up to 12th. The. In my Lcq I was running in 4th, final qualifying position, and I got landed in in the rythum section. I’m super sore but nothing is broken. Now time to heal up and fix my bike and look forward to a2.

I just have to make sure I stock up on some sports tape ;p